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Why is January such a busy month in the family law world?

On Behalf of | Jan 1, 2024 | Divorce

When January rolls around, many people start making big plans for the new year. They may commit to new exercise regimens and/or change their diet. They might enroll in an art class or engage in any other activities that could better their circumstances and provide them with enrichment.

Some people decide to start off the new year with a divorce filing. They have endured too long an unsatisfying or unhealthy marriage and now want to achieve major changes to their lifestyle in the new year. The Ohio family courts often see a significant increase in divorce filings in January. Many family law practices also see an unusually high number of new clients coming in for consultations.

Why does interest in divorce traditionally skyrocket in January?

Appreciation for the holidays

One very common reason that people start talking about divorce in January is that they did not want to do so at the end of the prior year. Between the back-to-school season and the winter holidays, many people with children, in particular, feel like announcing their divorce after summer ends is simply not a good move. Those trying to shield their children from as much conflict as possible may also wait until they go back to school after winter break so that the family isn’t trapped at home together when news of the divorce breaks.

A desire for a clean break

Divorce can take months to resolve. Dissolutions where spouses agree to specific terms are quicker, but litigated divorces could potentially take the better part of a year or longer in some cases. Between the actual family court proceedings and the possibility of needing to file a joint income tax return, many people view the new year as a good time to begin a divorce in the hopes that the next year may have fewer complications.

If taking stock of life at the end of the year has led to the realization that a marriage is not working anymore, Ohio spouses may need to consider discussing their concerns with a lawyer and learning more about what divorce proceedings entail.

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