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Making Sense Of Ohio Child Support Issues

Being a parent is difficult enough, but dealing with challenges like child support only makes it harder. Although these payments are intended to help parents care for their kids, the complexities of your personal circumstances may mean you have to be proactive about leveraging the law if you want a workable support arrangement.

When the rules fail to account for your situation, Wolinetz, Horvath & Brown, LLC is here to ensure that you don’t slip through the cracks. Our team of dedicated family law attorneys is composed of individuals who take great pride in serving Columbus and the surrounding communities. We’re glad to help those who depend on support and those who pay it so families are able to maintain healthier relationships for the sake of their children.

Ohio’s Child Support Guidelines

In states like Ohio, once it’s determined who has the duty to pay child support, liability for child support usually falls upon the noncustodial parent. The length of time this parent must make support payments typically depends on his or her age, whether the child has special needs and whether the parents made a prior child support agreement to extend the support period. When it comes to determining how much support a parent owes, the state has specific guidelines. The calculations are clearly defined in the Ohio Revised Code, and they account for factors like:

  • How much income both parents make, including tips, wages, royalties, pensions and salaries
  • Whether parents receive benefits like disability or workers’ compensation
  • Which tax deductions the parents claim

It’s important to remember that these formulas may not always provide child support amounts that adequately cover the costs of raising your child. Although judges have leeway to make adjustments, they may demand larger amounts than noncustodial parents can affordably pay. Our Columbus child support lawyers are dedicated to clarifying where your child support amount comes from and representing your interests so you can provide for your children responsibly.

Helping Parents Care For Children

Contrary to what some people believe, child support guidelines aren’t intended to punish parents. Support is a vital aid for raising children, so it’s in the whole family’s best interest to settle on amounts that the paying parent can keep up with. This includes helping you with issues related to modifying and enforcing child support orders.

At Wolinetz, Horvath & Brown, LLC, we can provide the knowledge you need to make smart decisions about how you’ll handle child support requirements and the legal representation you need when asking courts to adjust the amount they command you to pay. Contact us online or call 614-362-8847 today to schedule an initial consultation.