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At Wolinetz, Horvath & Brown, LLC, our dedicated Columbus divorce attorneys understand that divorce is tough – you never expected to be in this situation, and now it may seem like your future is on the line and you’ve been left facing a mountain of problems on your own. During this difficult time, it’s important to have an ally in your corner, a law firm that will stand by your side and protect your interests to the very end.

With over 75 combined years of experience, our knowledgeable attorneys can help you through any type of divorce. We strive for practical remedies when divorce complicates your life, and we especially excel at helping clients in high-asset cases that involve complex and substantial assets. We enjoy helping people like you by focusing on innovative problem-solving and providing pragmatic, logical advice that will help you move into the future with confidence.

Will Your Marriage End With A Contested Or Uncontested Divorce (Or Dissolution)?

If you and your spouse agree on all terms of your divorce, you may file for a dissolution of marriage (filed by both of you, with both in attendance at the final hearing) or an uncontested divorce (filed by one spouse, with at least that same spouse and a witness in attendance at the final hearing).

If one or both of you disagree on how your property will be divided and/or how you will share the parenting of your children, your divorce is, by definition, contested. Completion of your divorce may take a year or longer.

A Typical Divorce Timeline

First, you must meet the residency requirement. At least one spouse must have lived in Ohio for at least six months, including 90 days in the county where the filing will take place.

Next, if applicable, you should act to resolve any allegations of domestic violence and/or to petition the court for temporary orders for spousal support, possession of assets and/or child custody until the completion of your divorce.

Then, you will need to gather financial and other relevant information and documentation to create one or two affidavits that will spell out your assets and parenting plan if applicable.

If you agree on all terms of your divorce and both of you will appear at your court hearing, your attorney can help you create joint documentation to submit together while filing for a dissolution of your marriage.

Alternatively, one of you can file for divorce, and if the other responds in agreement (or doesn’t contest the filing), you may have an uncontested divorce. Depending on the court’s schedule and whether the judge accepts your submitted terms of the divorce, you may wait 45 to 90 days for your hearing and then the issuance of a judgment entry for divorce by the court.

On the other hand, if one of you files for divorce and the other files counterarguments with the court to any of the terms, you have a contested divorce. Further legal maneuvers will be necessary.

According to the guidelines of The Supreme Court of Ohio, the state expects contested divorces to be resolved within 12 months if there are no children or within 18 months if there are children. However, some complex divorces take even longer.

We Can Watch Out For Your Interests During Your Ohio Divorce Negotiations Or Litigation 

No matter how amicable your divorce may seem at the start, most dissolutions are multifaceted with many variables to consider. High-asset divorces are even more complex and necessitate sophisticated legal representation to produce successful outcomes. Our team of professionals can help usher you through a divorce and manage circumstances such as:

  • Financing and tax issues: As experienced divorce lawyers, we are skilled at spotting a wide range of legal, financial, tax and other tangential issues related to your divorce. This is important since issues like these often play an important role in dividing business entities, real estate holdings, retirement benefit plans and other assets. At Wolinetz, Horvath & Brown, LLC, we have a team of experts on hand to help prepare and present cases like these.
  • Forensic accounting: We use forensic research and innovative tracing techniques to accurately determine your spouse’s financial holdings in onshore and offshore accounts. In doing so, we’re able to ascertain the extent of the property at issue and determine whether it is marital or separate property.
  • Public exposure: In times of heightened emotion, high-risk exposure can be an issue if your spouse engages in dramatic or combative behaviors or attempts to engage in excessive discovery or litigation tactics. Our Columbus divorce attorneys know how to employ tools and tactics to lessen unwanted public attention and preserve your privacy.

Thoughtfully Address Key Issues As Your Divorce Approaches

No two divorces are identical, and we recognize that you may be going through other matters not listed above. As such, we are highly trained for the following situations as well:

As practitioners at one of Ohio’s premier divorce law firms, our attorneys possess the skill and knowledge necessary to effectively represent you and your interests.

Answers To Your Divorce Questions

As you begin the divorce process, you can expect to have questions. Even people who have been through a divorce before and are going through a second or third divorce will have questions, simply because every divorce is different. Our attorneys are committed to giving you as much peace of mind as possible, and one way we do that is by making certain all your questions are answered.

Click below for answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about ending a marriage:

Still need answers? You are not alone. There are so many unique and personal issues that can come up in a divorce. However, having decades of experience handling divorce cases in the Columbus area, Westerville and statewide means there is not much we have not seen. You can be confident coming to us for answers to even the most one-of-a-kind and complex questions about Ohio family law. The law is so complex that there is truly no such thing as a bad question.

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