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Making Sure You Get The Assets And Property To Which You’re Entitled

When your marriage is coming to an end, you not only have to face the emotional aspects of your separation, but also the prospect of identifying and dividing your marital and nonmarital property and assets. Unfortunately, this process isn’t always easy, especially in high-asset divorces.

At Wolinetz, Horvath & Brown, LLC, we do everything we can to help couples disentangle their lives and move forward cleanly. Life doesn’t end just because a marriage does, and we firmly believe the people of Ohio deserve the opportunity that only a fresh start can provide. From our office in Columbus, we’ve helped numerous couples face divorce head on. Although it’s always unfortunate when good things come to an end, we’re proud to make it possible for people to adopt healthier stances and move forward with confidence and peace of mind.

How Do Ohio Divorce Property Laws Work?

As a separate property state, Ohio makes a distinction between communal, jointly owned and marital property. Items that you and your spouse acquired during marriage such as real estate interests, personal possessions, income and retirement benefits are marital property that may be subject to court-ordered division decrees. Separate property, on the other hand, belongs to the person who owned it at the beginning of the marriage and may include:

  • An inheritance that goes to you alone
  • Real estate interests or personal possessions you owned at the time of your marriage
  • Items that were explicitly designated as separate property in a prenuptial agreement
  • Gifts that were given specifically to you or your spouse, but not to both of you

High-asset divorces can be contentious, especially when your ex-spouse disputes your assessment of which properties are marital and which are separate. Talking to one of our Columbus asset division lawyers could make it easier to move past such disputes in an amicable way and help you work through asset and property division issues equitably and preserve your lifestyle.

Sometimes, You Need Innovative Solutions

Dealing with divorce might require you to think outside the box or do some in-depth legwork. For instance, it may be necessary to prove the origins of certain properties in court, which could mean you have to interpret estate documents or unearth long-lost records. You may not have the time for such tasks.

Depend on the attorneys at Wolinetz, Horvath & Brown, LLC to help you separate cleanly. We’re prepared to guide you with solutions that keep everyone as happy as possible, and we’ve built a name for ourselves by managing tough divorce cases professionally. Call 614-341-7775 now, or email us online to schedule a consultation.

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