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How long is my divorce case going to take in Ohio?

On Behalf of | May 30, 2024 | Divorce

When you decide to end your marriage, one of your wishes is (almost certainly) for the divorce process to be as smooth and quick as possible. In fact, it would be such a joy if you could let someone else handle the divorce for you while you focus on planning for your next chapter.

While the emotional upheaval that comes with divorce can be disorienting, the logistics of untangling the life you build with your soon-to-be ex can be exhausting. Between regulating your emotions and keeping track of your separate properties, you may wonder: how long until I’ve completely cut ties with my partner?

Mandatory requirements can slow down the process

Did you know that to file for a divorce in the Buckeye State, you must have lived there for the past six months? If you and your spouse just moved into the state, you will have to wait until this residency requirement is met. However, if you have been a resident for longer than six months, you can file for divorce in your county.

Aside from the residency requirement, the Buckeye State also imposes a 30-day waiting period after filing your divorce petition. Only after this waiting period elapses can you schedule a hearing. The state believes that a waiting period is necessary to let couples think about their decision to end their marriage.

An amicable divorce can be quicker

For many people, divorce is synonymous with protracted court battles and unending disputes. However, if you want your divorce to be quick, you might want to consider an amicable ending to your marriage. When a divorce isn’t contested, the process is more streamlined because all that remains is achieving a tailored divorce settlement. In fact, you may walk out of court with a legally binding contract a few months from the day your divorce papers were filed. However, if disagreements between you and your spouse require some form of litigation, you might want to be a little more patient.

Of course, it’s unlikely that you can predict exactly how quickly your divorce will be finalized. However, it isn’t pointless to gauge how long it might be until you can move on with your life. Remember, you can significantly expedite the process if you work with a trusted legal team in Ohio. They can take care of the bureaucracy, which accounts for the majority of the “legal side” of divorce.

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