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Enforcement: Making Sure Child Support Does Its Job

You rely on child support to provide for your family. If you’re like many Ohioans, however, you can’t always depend on the person who’s supposed to be paying it. Although some problems can be resolved through simple discussions, there may be times when it’s in the best interests of you — and your children — to take legal action.

At Wolinetz, Horvath & Brown, LLC, our lawyers know how tough it can be to deal with people who don’t pay their fair share of child support. We’ve spent years representing those who feel that the law and their co-parents have failed them. We firmly believe in helping mothers and fathers in Columbus contribute to a better society by ensuring that the next generation has the resources it needs for healthy growth.

How Does Child Support Enforcement Operate?

Parents who are ordered to pay child support may refuse to provide the money or lack the financial means to do so. The intended support recipient has several options for motivating the other parent to pay. In most cases, resolution begins by contacting the Child Support Enforcement Agency, or CSEA, which uses its influence with family law courts to order extra requirements such as:

  • Withholding money from or garnishing a person’s wages, tax refunds or benefits
  • Issuing arrest warrants
  • Suspending licenses
  • Filing lawsuits in court

Although it’s important to go through the correct channels, you may have to do more than just call a CSEA agent. Our dedicated child support lawyers can educate you about your options and the ramifications of each so you can collect support as soon as possible. We also work to help families come to smarter resolutions that permit them to navigate complex emotions and reach arrangements that work over the long term.

Intelligent Representation And Advocacy

It’s not always clear how to resolve overdue child support matters. For instance, if your ex-spouse is in jail, he or she may not be able to earn enough money to catch up on back child support amounts. If the other parent simply refuses to pay, however, then enforcement may be the only effective solution.

Keeping your options open is essential, and the attorneys at Wolinetz, Horvath & Brown, LLC can help you make the smartest decision. From helping you prove that your co-parent’s missed payments have adversely affected you and your children to dealing with the CSEA, we’re ready to fight for you and your kids. Call us today at 614-362-8847 or complete our online form to arrange a confidential, no-obligation consultation to discuss your situation and available options.