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Ohio Dissolutions And Divorces: Which Is Right For You?

When you decided to get married, you probably spent time considering the best way to propose and build a happy life for yourselves. Now that you’re thinking about going your separate ways, it’s just as important to plan ahead. Ohio offers multiple ways to end your marriage, including divorce and dissolution — but they’re not exactly the same.

From our office in Columbus, the attorneys at Wolinetz | Horvath | Brown work hard to clarify family law for those in need of legal help. We’re firm proponents of the idea that lack of knowledge shouldn’t stop you from making sound decisions, and we feel equally passionate about providing tenacious representation to those who need it in central Ohio. Our legal team takes great joy in providing clients responsive advisement that lets them know they’re not alone — and we’ve come to the aid of numerous high net worth couples to ensure that they can move forward in life comfortably.

What’s The Difference Between Dissolution And Divorce?

In Ohio, you can’t get an immediate divorce unless you have a cause that the court accepts as valid, such as if your spouse was unfaithful or abusive. Although it’s possible to obtain a no-fault divorce, you must live apart for a year before you can formally terminate the marriage. A dissolution is an alternative option that:

  • Ends the marriage without needing a legal reason
  • Allows you to settle your property and parenting disputes without a court stepping in
  • Requires that at least one spouse has been living in Ohio for at least six months

Our lawyers work to help you come to terms with your spouse so you can meet the requirements that work best for you. By equipping you with knowledge about the legal necessities and procedures, we give you the power to end your marriage without worrying about whether you’ll regret the decision later.

Helping You Explore Your Options

Divorce and dissolution aren’t the only means of terminating a marriage in Ohio. You can also obtain an annulment — a process that renders the union invalid — due to problems that existed before the marriage. Or you can pursue a legal separation where you live apart from your spouse even though you don’t want to end the marriage due to religious beliefs or financial circumstances.

No matter how you decide to move onto the next stage of your life, Wolinetz | Horvath | Brown is prepared to work for you. Email us today or talk to our Columbus staff about your divorce, dissolution, annulment or legal separation by calling 614-341-7775. Let us help you obtain the positive results you deserve.

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