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Modification: Making Child Support More Functional

Child support orders come with good intentions, but some miss the mark. If you’re the noncustodial parent and your employment circumstances change or you experience a medical emergency, you might find it harder to pay. If you’re the custodial parent, your children’s financial needs may have changed due to unforeseen circumstances and caring for them may require additional financial support. In either case, if you don’t take a proactive stance by seeking a resolution, the situation will only worsen.

At Wolinetz, Horvath & Brown, LLC, our goal is to help you deal with child support head on before it becomes a problem. Our dedicated staff takes great satisfaction in guiding families along the correct path for dealing with payment difficulties and other challenges. With 75 combined years of practice experience, our Columbus child support modification lawyers can confidently offer vital insights in your case. Our office always welcomes new clients, and we pride ourselves on our compassion, attention to detail and ability to help parents see the bigger picture.

What Does It Take To Modify A Child Support Order?

Although many people don’t know it, child support orders aren’t set in stone. People’s situations change, and the rules governing support make allowances to accommodate these changes. Of course, asking for a modification also requires that you meet rigorous standards similar to those you probably had to go through when determining visitation and custody. The law always considers what’s in the best interests of the child, but there are two main ways to request a modification:

  • You can talk to the Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA)
  • You can go directly to court to file a petition for a modification

Why is it so important to be prepared before requesting changes? Modification reviews are extremely thorough and there’s always a chance that the court will decide that you should pay more or keep paying the same amount. Talking to an attorney can help you construct an argument with a higher likelihood of a successful outcome by ensuring that your petition makes sense in the eyes of the law.

Are You Eligible For A Modification?

Not everyone may modify their child support orders. In Ohio, the courts permit adjustments only following substantial changes in circumstances such as job losses or financial hardships. In all but a few cases, parents must also wait 36 months from the date the original order went into effect to request a review.

Talk to a lawyer at Wolinetz, Horvath & Brown, LLC to make your child support modification quest go more smoothly. We work hard to build cases that paint a clear picture for CSEA and court officials, and we offer intelligent counsel that helps you connect with critical resources. Learn more by calling us today at 614-362-8847 or feel free to contact us online.