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The Advantages of Hiring a Lawyer for a Dissolution or Uncontested Divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2017 | Family Law


Divorces are rarely easy, but people are increasingly finding out how to make the process as amicable as possible. As a result, many people choose to forgo hiring a lawyer and represent themselves in the termination of their marriage. However, choosing to forgo legal counsel and proceeding on your own with a dissolution or a divorce cannot only be time consuming and confusing, but it can also lead to problems in the future. Here are a few of the reasons why you should consider hiring a lawyer to assist in terminating your marriage, even in cases where you and your spouse agree on everything.

Understanding the Process

Divorce and dissolution laws vary by state and the procedural processes also differ from county to county. While there is often information on court websites and elsewhere that is available to help guide you through these processes, inaccurate or outdated information can leave you disorganized and unable to proceed. In addition, mistakes can lead to unexpected fees and potentially ruin the chances of a favorable outcome, as well as creating unnecessary delays. A lawyer will be able to determine what paperwork needs filed for your specific court and will ensure that your paperwork is filled out and submitted correctly to make the process proceed smoothly and as quickly as possible. In some cases, a lawyer can also assist in obtaining a private judge to hear your case, which means you may not ever have to step foot in a courtroom throughout the process.

Protecting Yourself

Oftentimes, divorces that start off amicably turn hostile over time, and it can be impossible to determine if your divorce is at risk of becoming contested. By hiring a lawyer at the beginning, you can ensure that you’re ready for whatever problems may arise between you and your spouse during the negotiation process.

A lawyer will also be able to advise you of your rights and whether the agreement that you and your spouse have reached is in your best legal interest. Many people do not know of certain rights they are entitled to without speaking to a lawyer, which can lead to forfeiture of a lot of money and other property that you otherwise would receive.

Peace of Mind

Divorces are almost always stressful, and you’ll likely wonder at times if you’re doing the right thing. Having a lawyer gives you a professional advisor who can help you work through your worries and fears. While lawyers aren’t psychologists, experienced attorneys know how difficult the process can be for their clients and their professional expertise can help keep your mind at ease. A lawyer will also relieve you of the burden of trying to navigate the court system and paperwork, which can be confusing and difficult in many cases.

The termination of a marriage is not always easy and you’re likely to encounter problems, small or large, along the way. While hiring a lawyer may seem like an aggressive move, finding the right attorney who understands your desires and needs actually helps pave the way for a more amicable and productive process.

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