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How do I stop my ex from spending money before divorce is final?

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2023 | High Asset Divorce

“That no-good so-and-so” is all you can think upon learning that your estranged spouse is spending money rapidly and excessively. Those are marital assets that also belong to you. You need to prevent this monetary outflow and do it quickly as your spouse thumbs his or her nose at you and the legal system.

What do you do in this situation known as the dissipation of assets? You have certain actions working in your favor that may help you put a stop to this subtle or blatant attempt by your soon-to-be-former spouse to ensure that you do not receive your rightful share of marital assets.

ATRO and a forensic accountant

There are two critical actions that you should undertake to counter the dissipation of assets by your spouse. They include:

  • An automatic temporary restraining order (ATRO): This legal document is a restraining order placed on each spouse. The ATRO focuses solely on property, preventing married couples from spending money that would upend and alter their marriage’s current situation. The intent of the ATRO is to keep the marital assets intact before the divorce is final.
  • The insight of a forensic accountant: Retaining this professional (along with a skilled divorce attorney) should prove advantageous. Please understand that the dissipation of assets is difficult to prove. However, a forensic accountant knows just about every way that an untruthful and dishonest person hides assets. This professional relies on a keen eye when reviewing financial documents and may immediately find anything that seems suspicious.

These tools can help you put an end to the financial misbehavior subscribed to by your spouse. It is too bad things turned out this way, but you must protect your interests.

Take the necessary steps

Your suspicions have been aroused, and you know your spouse is up to deceitful ways and excessively spending money on luxury items, international trips, gambling, drugs and even extra-marital affairs. When that internal alarm goes off in your head, take the necessary steps that will help.

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