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Should I File For A Divorce Or Dissolution?

In situations where the parties are able to amicably terminate their marriage, a dissolution offers a more expedient and cost effective solution, when compared to a divorce.

Since a dissolution is a cooperative process, dissolution matters may be finalized much faster than divorce cases. A final hearing may be scheduled as soon as thirty days after a dissolution is filed. If the parties wish, the case may be transferred to a retired judge for a private dissolution hearing, which can be held at an attorney’s office or in a different location chosen by the parties. This allows for greater convenience in scheduling, as well as a more private and comfortable environment for the final hearing.

Unfortunately, parties often cannot come to agreeable terms on the termination of their marriage and dissolution is not always an option. Oftentimes, individuals know their spouse well enough to determine ahead of time that attempting an agreement before filing would not be a fruitful endeavor. In these instances, filing for divorce can help get the process of terminating the marriage started faster than spending time and resources on attempting settlement first.

Your attorney can meet with you and help you determine whether or not a dissolution or a divorce is the better option in your particular case.